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What are Current Cybersecurity Industry Legal Issues and Solutions

Cybersecurity Industry Legal Issues and Cybersecurity Law

Our cybersecurity industry experienced lawyers help cybersecurity companies navigate the legal landscape and proactively advise on unique legal issues faced by the cybersecurity industry.  

Common legal issues faced by cybersecurity companies include:

  • Privacy and data protection;

  • Internet e-commerce and consumer finance;

  • Internet of Things (IoT);

  • Data breach litigation;

  • Compliance with state and federal privacy laws;

  • Corporate transactions;

  • International data transfers;

  • Trade secret protection; and

  • Investigations and lawsuits related to cybersecurity incidents.

Legal Solutions for the Cybersecurity Industry

Clients in the cybersecurity industry receive the full range of the firm’s services: litigation, intellectual property, and transactional.  Our cybersecurity industry team is experienced in

Our cybersecurity industry team is experienced in investigating and advising clients in cybersecurity protection; identification; protecting intellectual property assets; enforcing employment agreements, independent contract agreements, and NDAs; white collar investigations; e-discovery and litigation for cybersecurity legal issues; and drafting terms of use and privacy policy. 

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