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Gambourg Read has long been known for its litigation work, and with good reason.

We appear in state and federal courts in New York/New Jersey and around the country. Collectively, current Gambourg Read litigators have tried hundreds of cases to verdict, taken and defended hundreds of expert depositions and thousands of fact witness depositions, and filed countless motions to dismiss and motions for summary judgment. We have also argued hundreds of appeals in federal and state courts. In short, we have the skills and experience to handle important cases, large or small, complex or simple. And we have been doing that successfully for close to 20 years.

Many litigators do not listen very well. We do. We want to know what our clients hope to achieve, in what time frame and at what expense. We provide an honest assessment of those goals and work to find ways to achieve them. If alternative strategies are available, they are analyzed and presented. Staffing levels reflect the needs of each case. If alternative billing arrangements are desired, we work with clients to find an approach that works for the client and the firm.

We recognize that most cases not do get disposed of by trial, accordingly, we do not litigate every case as if it will go to trial, which would be unnecessarily time consuming and very expensive. Rather, we take a very disciplined approach in working with our clients to set an initial strategy, thereafter monitor how the strategy is being implemented, with what results and at what expense, and then adjust the strategy as needed.

Clients do not like surprises, and neither do we. As a result, we keep clients apprised of all major developments in a case, and we expect clients to provide us with timely information about events that might otherwise impact the progress and the outcome of the case. Circumstances change, and it is important that everybody remain aware of how that might affect the progress and strategy of a case.

We are also adept at alternative dispute resolution, such as mediation and arbitration. Our experience shows that unique skills are required to achieve success in these forums. A lawyer should not mediate a case the same way he/she litigates a case. We have been able to achieve outstanding outcomes in alternative dispute forums because we understand what is required and have the ability to deliver. Our goal is always to achieve the best result possible for the client in the most cost-effective manner possible given the circumstances. That goal has served Gambourg Read well over the years.

Our litigators are especially well-known for handling the following types of cases:

Antitrust and Unfair Competition


Bankruptcy Adversary Proceedings

Business Dissolution

Broker-Dealer Claims

Commercial Arbitrations

Computer, Technology and Internet Law

Contractual Disputes


Employment and other Discrimination Claims


Environmental Disputes

Fashion Industry

Fraud and other Defalcations

Intellectual Property and Licensing


Partnership Disputes

Real Estate

Securities Litigation & Enforcement


Trusts & Estates Litigation

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