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What is next in store for start up culture in Fin Tech Industry

Updated: May 1, 2020

“Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships.” That's Michael Jordan for you. Over the last decade, it has become clear that companies seeking to shape industries and lead innovation need to adopt the collaborative work method. The advantages are staggering. Collaborative work environments generically foster team building and creative thinking. Building a sense of community is one of the first steps in creating a more positive company culture. This is particularly important for companies eager to raise the bar, constantly evolve and stay on top. Up until just a few weeks ago, every startup was implementing this Google-like work culture, where offices have nap pods, video games, joint sitting areas, team activities and collaboration is the key. It not only builds communities but also stimulates efficiency and creativity. It establishes resilience, adaptability, resourcefulness, as well as a deep connection to the company vision. I see a current switch where startups are beginning to adopt an immersive approach to the team work. Companies do not need to be under one roof, but can roam freely worldwide and be connected through an immersive platform very similar to Roblox.

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